Our Story

Addison Bright Sloane is a premium business law firm. Addison Bright Sloane was founded by two legal giants, Philip Addison and Vickie Bright, with a total of over 55 years’ experience, who have come together to combine their considerable Ghanaian and international legal expertise, to provide an exceptional range of services to the multiplicity and increasing volumes of sophisticated clients investing in Ghana at a time of significant change in the Ghanaian legal industry.

The merger was inspired by an acute recognition by the senior partners of the two firms Addison and Associates and International Legal Consultancy Services (“ILC”) of the need to provide significantly more sophisticated and unparalleled legal advice to the world’s leading organisations as they move into Ghana as a direct response to Ghana’s newfound oil economy, its ambition to industrialise and its business-friendly environment; and/or expansion of the operations of such businesses on the continent and beyond.

Legal practice has become fast-paced, interconnected and global. With the international relationships that we have built over the years, we are excellently positioned to assist our clients in matters with a multi-jurisdictional dimension.

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